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Jason Boud

Jason Boud

Startup CEO, Entrepreneur In Residence, Mentor, Investor, ex-Corporate, Regtech Forum

Jason co-founded Beyond Enterprise (@enterprisebe) in 2014 a company providing advisory services specialising in Identifying and Reducing Risk, before setting up the RegTech Forum - a vibrant community of regulators, regulated firms and their technology and service providers. Facilitating discussion, collaboration and insight on the challenges and opportunities within RegTech - and ultimately a marketplace to do business.

Jason is an Speaker, Advisor, FinTech & RegTech Mentor/Investor at Barclays Techstars accelerator , StartUpBootCamp FinTech and the FinTech Innovation Lab

Startup CEO @regtechlondon, Advisor, Mentor/Investor @clausematch @cutover @enforcd, @getpenta @FinTechLabLDN #RegTech #corporate #innovation.