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Paul Ferris

Paul Ferris

CEO, ObjectTech Group

Paul Ferris is founder and CEO of ObjectTech Group, that has developed practical identity solutions that addresses PSD2 and other Reg-Tech compliance challenges.  He has been a systems architect for nearly 30 years.  He has been working with global and local financial firms and the regulator, developing the requirements for identity systems and regtech since 2012.

He conceived and ran the ObjectChain Collaboration, which was a collaboration of top global banks, insurers, legal firms, utilities and crucially, the FCA in 2016.  Working with the participants, a self-sovereign identity systems was developed, with a trust framework employing the blockchain. 

He recently took the technology to Dubai and now has an agreement with the Government to provide identity services for the country, plus the integration of all of government services via self-sovereign identity. 

Lately, he returned from Australia as part of the UK FinTech Trade Mission, and ObjectTech has also completed the Dassault RegTech accelerator. 

Paul brings an in-depth understanding of the next-gen options to address PSD2, GDPR and future payments that mitigates the liability and risks that face the financial sector with these changes.

At the drop of a het he will describe how ObjectTech’s Consensus Ledger Aggregator works alongside existing banking architectures to address the regulatory, compliance and business challenges facing banks and how many of the problems accommodating legacy systems can be solved using this approach.

Paul is the Chair of Identity working party and UK representative for the development of ISO Standards on Blockchain & DLT international standards (ISO/TC307).